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  • Terese Cantu

What makes the difference in a quality telemarketing company?

Updated: May 1

Things to think about as you navigate the telemarketing world that you may not know

With 30 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on guiding clients to make informed choices, whether they partner with us or another firm.


Key considerations for your business model include for selecting a telemarketing company:


- Does the team offer three decades of proven experience?

- Can they provide Caller ID masking for smooth call-back interactions?

- Is there a 14-point quality control list ensuring appointments meet your specific criteria?

- Do they boast a 30 year A+ BBB rating and a #1 ranking for marketing services?

- What about a 92 percent client retention rate?

- Are leads exclusive and not shared with competitors?

- Does their script development team craft messages that resonate with decision makers?

- Are the agents U.S.-based or overseas?


Our clients who've switched to us cite these factors as their reasons for staying. On average, they report an annualized ROI between 200-400%.


I believe a conversation could be highly beneficial to explore how we can contribute to your company's success so give me a call at (209) 548-4319 and let’s navigate your marketing needs together as we become your choice for a premier TELEMARKING COMPANY!


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Let us Show you what makes the difference in a quality telemarketing company

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