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Voice Verified Leads

Our Pay Per Lead service provides you with

pre-qualifed leads, verified by humans!

Are you searching for leads for your Insurance, Payroll, Commercial Roofing, or any other type of B2B product or service?  TeleContact Resource Services has evolved in to a  multi-channel marketing firm, not only providing outbound telemarketing services, but also a complete suite of EXCLUSIVE voice verified leads you can't get from an ordinary list compiler or data brokerage service.

Voice Verified Pay Per Lead

Since 1994, leading companies across a variety of industries have trusted TeleContact Resource Services to handle their lead generation needs. Our goal is to get to know your business inside and out in order to properly help you acquire new clients, and effectively create new business opportunities. Our innovative, exclusive direct response solutions are customized to fit your unique business model. With proven experience across a wide array of industries, and a flexible business model, we offer best-in-class solutions to companies regardless of the size and scope of the project.

Exclusive Leads

At TeleContact Resource Services we pair our proprietary database of voice verified leads with our service related training to provide our clients with the most accurate data availlable in the pay per lead marketplace. 

Our suite of voice verified leads includes:

  • Verified Phone Numbers

  • Verified Company Names

  • Verified Contact Names

  • Verified Email Addresses

  • Verifed Employee Size

  • Verified Insurance X-dates

  • Verified Payroll Information

  • Verified Roof Information

  • Verified Addresses

  • Verified Industry Specific Selects

*Selections vary by industry and availability

Get in touch today for a free, no obligation, consultation for how we can help you!

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