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Frequently Asked Questions


Get the answers you need to the most common questions we hear

  • How is your pricing structured?
    Since every client has unique needs, every campaign is structured differently. Based upon the requirements, we can then structure a custom pricing model for our clients individual needs. We offer customized call packages, and coming soon - pay per call, pay per lead, and pay per appointment, please call, and send info.
  • Are my leads exclusive to me?
    Yes. Any lead we generate for you will be exclusive to you. We do not share leads between clients.
  • How soon can you start my campaign?
    Campaigns typically get started one week after we receive back your contract and all other information necessary to build your campaign's database.
  • What industries do you call for?
    We work with over 50 industries across the nation. Some examples are Insurance, Financial Planning, Payroll, Contractors, Government, and Restaurants.
  • Is your site secure?
    Yes. We place a premium on client security and confidentiality. Each client account is securely stored and backed up on our internal servers. All credit card information is processed through a secure connection using 256-bit encryption.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    We do not re-sell or re-distribute your personal information under any circumstances. We only use your email address to send payment receipts and stay in touch with you periodically (unless you say otherwise).
  • What is the cost?
    Our pricing is tailored individually for each of our clients' budget and campaign requirements to get the most return on your investment. Many of our clients generate an average of 200% - 400% ROI on their investment with us. Some are much higher! Try us out with no long term commitments!
  • Do you guarantee results?
    We 100% guarantee the quality of our work! Each lead we generate undergoes a series of quality control checks to insure it meets or exceeds all of your qualifying criteria and are recorded for quality assurance purposes.
  • Where are your agents located?
    All of our agents are 100% U.S. based under one roof in our state-of-the-art facility located in Riverbank, California, USA.
  • Do you offer pay-per-lead?
    We offer customized packages on a Pay-Per-Call basis, and COMING SOON - Pay-Per-Lead, and premium Pay-Per-Appointment, Please Call, and Send Info.
  • Where do you get your lists?
    We partner with Dun & Bradstreet, who has been in business since 1841 and boasts the highest percentages for list data accuracy. We will procure a list for you based on your desired demographics, geographics, types of industries, employee size, annual revenue, and many other selections. Your Accounts Manager will help you determine your target audience to increase your market share and insure the success of your campaign.
  • Is your system web based?
    Our proprietary call center software has been developed specifically for our business model. Your exclusive database will never be exposed to potential hackers on the internet! Your confidential information will be protected behind our industrial strength firewall and data infrastructure 24 X 7 X 365. You will receive notification of your leads via email, however, we will be happy to export your leads to be suitable to import into your own contact manager upon request.
  • Can I listen in live, while the agents are making calls?
    Yes, you can listen in to the calls being made by appointment only, to prevent unauthorized monitoring of another client's campaign. Contact your Accounts Manager for details.
  • What is your customer retention rate?
    In a recent study, we found that 92% of our customers who signed up for a trial campaign re-signed with us to continue our excellent service!.
  • Do you have references?
    Yes, we have references available upon request as well as numerous testimonials, however references will be provided from an industry different than yours to preserve exclusivity and avoid a conflict of interest.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been providing excellent service for more than 30 years, and are proud to carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as an Accredited Member since 1994.
  • What type of dialer does your call center use?
    We have live agents on the phone. We do not use a predictive dialing system. We have an automated system that allows our agents to maintain a high level of efficiency. We also have the capability to mask the caller id with a number of your choice. This creates a very seamless relationship with our clients and creates the illusion of having our agents calling directly out of your office. Plus with a local area code showing in the caller id, the contact rate increases significantly.
  • How do I know you are actually making my calls?
    We have been in business for more than 20 years and uphold an A+ rating with the BBB. We would not have been in business for this long if our clients were not happy with our services. Many of our clients have partnered with us for several years as we continue to help them grow their businesses.
  • How are your agents compensated?
    All of our agents receive commission based on the success of the campaign they are calling for. The more leads they generate the more money they will make. This creates a win-win solution for both the Agent and our Clients. To ensure quality, we do not pay out the commission until each lead is checked by our Quality Control department for accuracy, qualifying criteria, legitimacy, and the quality assurance recording is reviewed.
  • Who is TeleContact Resource Services and eContactLive?
    In April 1994, we opened our call center – TeleMarketing Resource Services. With the support of some of the leading companies in the financial and insurance industries, TeleMarketing Resource Services quickly became one of the leading telemarketing firms in the United States. In 2000, a decision was made to change the name of the company from TeleMarketing Resource Services to TeleContact Resource Services in order to better encompass the more advanced services that the company now offered. The company then incorporated in 2008 as eContactLive, Inc., and filed a DBA as TeleContact Resource Services which we continue to utilize.
  • Why should I choose TeleContact Resource Services?
    We understand that you have your choice when it comes to direct marketing data providers, but here's a few reasons we're confident you'll love our company: Award Winning Services – Since 1994 we've been an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau, and maintain a current A+ rating. Superior Technology – We make sure our call center is provided with the best in technology and equipment, ensuring your calls can be made effortlessly and without technical issues. All of our systems are also driven from our internal server farm, allowing for maximum up time. Experienced Personnel – Our data specialists have years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes. Not sure how to target your market? Call or chat live with one of our experienced staff members to see how we can help and diversify your marketing campaigns.
  • Where are you located?
    100% of our business is conducted in our Riverbank, California call center. We do not hire off shore callers, or outsource to other call centers.
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