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  • June Griffith

Guarantees, the biggest lie the marketing industry ever told…

Updated: May 9

I would like to address a common misconception in the marketing industry regarding guaranteed telemarketing appointments. The notion of guaranteeing a specific number of appointments is fundamentally flawed and misleading for several reasons.

Firstly, marketing guarantees often do not hold up because they fail to account for the inherent unpredictability of consumer behavior. Each telemarketing campaign is unique, with its own set of variables that can significantly impact the outcome. These variables include the target market's receptiveness, the geographic location of the audience, the compelling nature of the offer, as well as the reputation of the business being represented. 

Furthermore, telemarketing is not a one-size-fits-all process; it is a specialized and creative endeavor that involves a multitude of factors. The interaction between a telemarketer and a potential customer is dynamic, and the success of these interactions depends on the skill and adaptability of the telemarketer, as well as the quality of the lead list and the timing of the calls.

In light of these points, it becomes clear that promising a guaranteed number of appointments is not only unrealistic, but also sets up false expectations. It is essential to approach telemarketing with a strategy that acknowledges and adapts to its complexities, rather than relying on empty guarantees.

We Guarantee Quality Appointments

For over three decades, TeleContact Resource Services has been helping companies like yours achieve their marketing objectives without overpromising. Our commitment is to deliver tangible outcomes through strategic branding initiatives. We would be honored to discuss how we can tailor our services to fit your unique needs and become a marketing partner you can count on.


If you value a partnership that prioritizes steady performance over empty promises, please give us a call today, at 1.800.551.0567 to explore how we can collaborate.


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