Appointment Setting

Qualified, verified sales appointments

Face to face appointments

Face to face meetings

The one problem many companies face today is finding the balance between their prospecting efforts, and their sales efforts. At TeleContact Resource Services, we take the challenge of cold calling prospecting off of your shoulders, and allow you to focus on selling your product.

We will set quality appointments with actual decision makers. It doesn't matter if you are looking for appointments with business owners, C-level executives, or any other level of decision maker. Our marketing teams are trained to get past the barriers that are in place and schedule an appointment for you to speak with your target audience.

All of the leads that are produced on your campaign will have been quality checked, verified, and approved by our Quality Control team, before it is even emailed to you. As an added service, we can even set up an appointment reminder call to your prospect the day before the appointment, reminding them you are coming to speak with them.

Please call appointments

Some of our clients prefer to set their own appointments, or to speak with the prospect prior to the face to face meeting. No problem! We will qualify and verify the lead, and email the information for you to call when the prospect is expecting your call. Check out our Lead Generation options as well!